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Elina Vara

The name Elina Vara, a Sanskrit phrase that translates into ‘pure blessings’, is truly fitting for a space that is a biophilic haven with abundant natural light, lush greenery and a live plant aquarium. At first glance, the interplay of white and green hues is likely to remind you of a whitewashed café in Santorini, Greece. Another moment will take you to the lush and evergreen forests in charming hill towns. Such is the composition of décor elements in Elina Vara that every corner feels like a breath of fresh air.In line with the vision to fuse indoors with the outdoors, the team at Purple Studio zeroed in on sustainable materials to create the space. Gwalior mint stones were selected for its durability and understated elegance. For the flooring, resin-based natural stone terrazzo seemed like the right choice for its earthy aesthetic and the ability to retain its charm in high footfall areas.








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